Graduation Plus - C

 The "Graduation Pluc-C"  is very much about the individual(s) with aspirations of starting their own business and thus seeking assistance from the program to drive the probable outcomes.

This program is predominantly based to describe the existence and relevance of step-by step modules which are required to make sustainable and scalable business. The candidates should expect to get exposure to elements involved in ideation, conceptualization, business plan, minimum viable product creation along with proper guidance from established entrepreneurs.

Module Information 


To assist aspiring and budding entrepreneurs during the startup and formation stages of their idea.


To significantly reduce the high first year failure rate of startup businesses and provide a robust platform to new age entrepreneurs.


One week/One month/three months programs depending upon stage of start up.


Lectures , Mock drills, real life situation exposure, case studies, interaction with entrepreneurs and our advisory board.


All aspiring students/entrepreneurs. There are no pre-requirements to join the Program other than the intention of starting a new business and the willingness to participate. 

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