Timely and proper guidance plays a pivotal role in helping the young wizards accomplish their goals. A lot of efforts can be saved in shaping their careers if we are able to infuse certain traits like self esteem, discipline and the right attitude at the right time. By using time tested methodologies, we equip the young minds with latest technical inputs to transform their dreams into reality.
The younger generation being the future of the nation deserves guidance at formative stage. We owe a certain degree of responsibility towards our future generation. NIECD aims at exploring the latent abilities of young minds and helping them to achieve their potential. We are committed to achieve the twin objective i.e. economic democracy and inclusive growth by creating a system of societal development and regeneration while empowering the young generation and harnessing the demographic dividend.
Late Dr. C K Prahalad, the foremost business thinker of our time and legendary management Guru articulated the idea of developed India in three dimensions: robust economic resilience, technological vitality and vibrant moral leadership by the year 2022 from the bottom up. We have adopted his vision which will act as a guiding light for NIECD. Our strategy includes making the youngsters aware about various options and to equip them with necessary tools so that they emerge victorious in the fields they are destined to conquer.



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