Founder Statement


Message from the Founder- Mr. Parveen Bansal.

The ever emerging competitive scenario in getting a first job offer from any good Corporate requires an individual to be a top of its knowledge, skillset and presentation style.  In current scenario, majority of students faces a serious dilemma i.e. society expects them to be ready to thrive in this digital age, but the skills required for such success are not well defined. Those skills are not included in the formal system of education. The current era of high-stakes testing will have a positive impact on students only if we get the metrics right.

All the major corporates in the country seek workers who can respond and adapt to change and who are lifelong learners. The ability to predict jobs or work of the future is becoming more and more challenging. Our knowledge-based economy requires more highly skilled workers at a time when the demographics of our country reveal a shrinking workforce and the under utilization of many of our workers. India is shifting to a new career-building paradigm that recognizes that career development is a lifelong process of skills acquisition and growth through a continuum of learning and mastery.

With all this in mind, NIECD was formed so that an individual get a support on real terms to develop a new set of career-building skills that will enable them to be flexible, be adaptable, be self-reliant to construct and manage ones lives and careers. In the new career paradigm, career development is the process of managing life, learning, and work. It means one’s whole life, not just one’s occupation. This paradigm requires us to learn and develop a set of career-building skills that enable them to be self-reliant and able to construct and manage our lives and careers.

We at NIECD have developed a tailor made curriculum to infuse those skills in the students so that they thrive in all the directions in the future.

Best Wishes.

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