Graduation Plus - D


About this course

Curious about entrepreneurship, but not sure where to start? Learn from NIECD's premier program for aspiring entrepreneurs- Gradaution Plus D(G+D) is an Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP). Becoming an Entrepreneur is an innovation and business course designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to explore an entrepreneurial path and overcome some of the initial challenges in taking those first steps. From developing new business ideas and doing market research to entrepreneurial strategy and pitching, this course follows NIECD's successful approach to entrepreneurship.

 Module Information 

What you'll learn:

  • Overcoming the top hurdles to starting a company| Refinement of Business idea to conceptualization and business plan level| Performing market research and choosing your target customer| Developing your positioning and entrepreneurial strategy & Defining your goals as an entrepreneur and business.


  • One month to Six month programs depending upon the stage of respective start-up.


  • Create, identify, and evaluate new business opportunities especially designed and curated by AIC Mantra team;
  • Refinement of business idea and quantifying the demand and supply preposition;
  • Technical know-how on developing a minimum viable product;
  • Understanding the concept of Product and market fit;
  • Navigate the venture capital investment process.
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